3D Seasons

For Minecraft Java


This addon from 3D CreatorCraft brings Seasons into your Minecraft world. 3D Seasons features the four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Through the seasons-change plants, crops, grass, and leaves change their color. In spring the color is apple green, in summer the leaves are dark green, in autumn the plants are cocoa brown and in the winter everything is snow white. To use this addon in Minecraft you have to use any version of 3D CreatorCraft, otherwise, the pack will not function.

When using the Changing Seasons version, the Seasons will automatically change every Minecraft day (Real Time: 20 minutes), creating a year that is four days (80 minutes) long. Since it is a resourcepack, that uses an animation for the Seasons Change, the Seasons will not be saved when leaving the world.

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Terms of Use

By downloading “3D Seasons” you are accepting the Terms of Use for the pack.

3D Seasons was discontinued and will likely not receive any new updates in the future.

Though you can still use the versions, which already exist here.


3D Seasons has different variants. Please choose the variant, which fits you best.

3D Seasons Changing

This version adds all four seasons to your game. The seasons automatically change every 20 minutes, allowing you to have a new Minecraft experience! This version is also recommended since this is the intention of 3D Seasons.

3D Seasons Spring

You like the season spring or you want to change the seasons manually? Then you can use the version Spring, which only adds spring to your Minecraft world!

3D Seasons Summer

Summer is a great season, right? This version adds summer to your game and makes all plants dark green.

3D Seasons Autumn

Do you like red and brown leaves? Then you can use 3D Seasons Autumn, allowing you to experience the season autumn!

3D Seasons Winter

Snow white is the color of this season. Everything will be covered in snow when using this version!

3D Seasons Test

Do you want to know if the seasons are really changing? Or you want to make screenshots with the different seasons? Then you can use this version, which changes the seasons in seconds…


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