Entity Variations

How does this work?


Our texture pack makes your game more fun with Entity Variations! This cool feature changes how animals and other creatures look every time you play.

They’ll look different each time you start the game, which keeps things really exciting and new.

But what if you have a favorite animal or pet in the game? Don’t worry!

You can use a special name tag to keep your pet looking the same all the time. This way, you get lots of surprises with different creatures, but your own pet can stay just how you like it.

Different types of Variations

Random Variant

Random Variants appear randomly in the world and change upon reloading a Minecraft world.

Random Layer Variant

Random Layer Variants appear randomly in the world and change upon reloading a Minecraft world. Multiple layers are randomized resulting in many combinations.

Name Tag Variant

To transform an entity into a specific variant, use a name tag that corresponds to the desired variant and apply it to the entity. This action will change the entity's appearance to match the variant associated with the name tag used.

Default Variant

The 'default variant' is the original form of an entity as it appears in the standard game. Built into the core gameplay, this variant remains consistent and does not change, even when the world is reloaded.

How to keep a variant

1. Lookup a Variant

First you will need to lookup a specific variant, that you would like an entity to have. For that you can use the search bar below. In this example, we are searching for variants for the pig.

If you found a variant, you need to take a look at the name tags, that the variant uses. You can see these by clicking on the variant. In this case, we chose the pig Doug. It uses the name tags:

  1. Doug
  2. Brown Splotched

2. Get the Name Tag

Now, you will need to get a name tag and an anvil.

Choose one of the specified names. You need to make sure to type it exactly as it says on this website. In this case, we are choosing Doug as the name and rename the name tag using the anvil:

3. Rename the Entity

Now, that you have the name tag, rename the entity:

See all Variations

Variant Type
Default Variant
Name Tag Variant
Random Layer Variant
Random Variant
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