3D CreatorCraft Discontinued

Why I decided to discontinue 3D CreatorCraft (for now) and not work on a 1.16 update:

The Minecraft 1.16 Nether update brought us many new exciting features, many new blocks and many new items. Many new blocks and many new items also require even more new block and item models. About over 200 new block and over 100 new item models were added. In total more than 300 new models.

That is one of the multiple problems, which led me to the decision to discontinue 3D CreatorCraft. It is a lot of work to create over 300 new 3D models and the required textures. It would probably take me months to do that. In comparison the 1.15 update only added 6 new block models and 7 item models.

But that is not the only problem with 3D CreatorCraft. Another big problem is performance. A 3D resourcepack such as 3D CreatorCraft is absolutely not performance-friendly and not really practical. That is why there are different versions of the pack called Low, High, Medium and Ultra. But even the “Low” version is not really practical anymore. Minecraft was never designed for this kind of use of 3D models. And with every update the performance gets worse since there are more detailed 3D models generated in the world. Even I can not really use 3D CreatorCraft and play with it because of the bad performance. And I have a pretty decent setup.

3D CreatorCraft was an experimental project and also my first resourcepack. My plan was to create as many 3D models as possible. But now I learned that this should not be the goal of a good practical Minecraft resourcepack. The pack can look pretty nice. But that does not help you very much when you can not even use it.

Maybe someday I will come back to this project and continue to work on it. But for now, the development is paused. An apology goes to the people who have a magic PC and who can actually use the pack.